Guests and Topics: November 21

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Outgoing Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle fires off some very harsh parting shots as he leaves his post...He is accusing conservatives of fostering an extremist movement and putting his family in danger. Does the Senator have a point when he says demonizing him puts his family in danger? 

Then, New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton appears on television but refuses to say whether she'll support Al Gore if he runs for president again. She also announces that she opposes gay marriage. Is she having a change of heart or just trying to embrace the political "middle" in this country? We'll ask a New York political observer, Marist College pollster and political scientist Lee Miringoff.

Also, Colorado Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo is still trying to get the attention of the Bush administration about the big problems on the U.S./Mexico border. Families are being threatened, homes are being vandalized and even the livestock is in danger along the Mexican border. So why is Presidential adviser Karl Rove taking Tancredo to the woodshed?! The Congressman will fill us in.

Plus, speaking of the U.S./Mexico border situation. Would you believe that $200 million is being wasted on emergency medical care along the border? We'll tell the results of our investigation. We guarantee you won't believe this story!

And, a major Al Qaeda operative is arrested. We'll have the latest.

Finally, ABC's The Bachelor has been very popular with women this season. Last night was the big finale and yes, one lucky woman did get engaged to "the bachelor." Why was this show such a ratings grabber? Is the program as bad as some say it is? What does it say about men and women in this country and the state of relations between the sexes? We'll ask Elle magazine columnist and savvy woman E. Jean Carol.

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