Die Another Day, The Emperor's Club and Friday After Next

Bond or bland? Professor Kevin Kline and Ice Cube in the stirred and shaken world of new movies in The Foxlight.

Is it time to retire James Bond? Some critics think he's out of gadgets. It's a bad sign that Halle Berry is getting better reviews than the rest of the film -- and that she may get her own action movie out of it. Die Another Day has some ridiculous action sequences -- even for a Bond movie. Tidal wave surfing anyone? Of course they're not supposed to be believable, just enjoyable. Even Pierce Brosnan looks like he'd rather be somewhere else. Sorry 007, you've got a license to kill this franchise.

Next in The Emperor's Club Kevin Kline is the new Mister Chips in what's pretty much another scholastic stab at Dead Poets Society. Kline needs a hit after Life as a House but "My Life as a Devoted Mentor, Friend and Professor" isn't it.

Finally, the gang from Fridays is back. Not the restaurant, the urban comedies that take a WB sitcom and blow it up to the big screen. Ice Cube is chillin' in his own hood after the surprise hit as a barber a few weeks back. This time the comedy is much broader and not quite as successful, but Friday After Next does have a few winning moments of it's own.