Topics and Guests for Thursday, Nov. 21

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Topics and Guests for Thursday,
Nov. 21

For every member of Al Qaeda now in custody, a lot more remain free. So where are they now? We talk to one man who went out looking for them
Martin Smith, Frontline producer

The FBI's number one job has changed since Sept. 11 from catching criminals to stopping terrorists before they strike. How are they handling it?
• Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa

A homicidal rash of violence is turning Los Angeles into a city where angels fear to tread. There have been 16 murders in just the last six days
Rocky Delgadillo, Los Angeles City attorney

More sludge from an oil tanker wreck is washing up on the shores in Spain
Bud Leland, assistant deputy administrator of OSPAR 

The investment bank Morgan Stanley is advising clients to pull their money out of companies with union labor
Bill Klinefelter of the United Steelworkers of America

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