Sean Hayes, Jerry Lewis, The Sopranos and Pierce Brosnan

Sean Hayes, Jerry Lewis and The Sopranos in the shallow Jersey grave glow of The Foxlight.

Sean Hayes doesn't look anything like Jerry Lewis when he's snarking around on Will & Grace. And he'll always be 'Just Jack' to me. But CBS thought he'd make a great Jerry Lewis for their upcoming TV movie Sunday night. And guess who agrees? "Hey LAAAAADY!" Yep, Jerry thinks Sean nailed him. Lewis claims he laughed hysterically at the portrayal. But what do they think of the sitcom star in France?

Pierce Brosnan says it's important he do as many of the James Bond stunts as he can all by himself. More realistic. Of course this couldn't have anything to do with the fact that Die Another Day has a lot more sex in it than the earlier Bonds. It's still rated PG-13 but Bronsan says it's about time we get more than just the Bond bon mots before sex and a quick Bond afterglow moment. He also says despite closed sets a lot of eyes were watching during the lovemaking scenes. Hey Pierce, they were there for Halle, not you.

Want the perfect gift for the wanna-be goombah or goodfella on your Christmas list? The Sopranos are having a garage sale, sort of. A warm up suit worn by Big Pussy, Tony's golf shirt and one of Uncle Junior's leisure suits are all being auctioned off for charity. Giveaway prices? Uh, fugedaboutit.