Guests and Topics: November 19

Tonight...The O'Reilly Factor is on...

Should public schools change their rules to accommodate the religious practices of Muslim students? Parents and students in Maryland are struggling with that question right now. We'll tell you about what's going on.

Plus, New York's Senior Senator Charles Schumer (D) on an outrageous INS case involving a little 11-year-old Russian girl . Will the INS allow her to be reunited with her parents in time to celebrate Thanksgiving? The Senator is on the case. 

Then, Planned Parenthood is out with their annual holiday card... Wait till you hear what it says! And guess who's upset?

Also, what's going on around the country at our college campuses and universities? Is "politically correct" speech overtaking academic freedom? Is there too much freedom when a "sex workers arts festival" is being held in Arizona and a pornographic film is being shot in a dorm at Indiana University? We'll have some No Spin answers for you this evening.

Finally, a special documentary on Court TV this week will explore the legacy of Robert F. Kennedy and the work still being done in his name through the RFK Memorial and the RFK Center for Human Rights. RFK's daughter, Kerry Kennedy Cuomo will be here to tell us about her father and the film.

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