Topics and Guests for November 18

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Topics and Guests for November 18:

Turkish police on Monday interrogated an Arab-Israeli man who allegedly tried to hijack an El Al flight from Tel Aviv to Istanbul, threatening a stewardess with a pen knife before being overpowered by security guards. We'll bring you the latest.
Steve Pomerantz, former FBI assistant director

Ending a four-year absence, U.N. weapons inspectors returned to Iraq Monday morning to resume the task of searching for Saddam Hussein's possible weapons of mass destruction.
Tim Trevan, former U.N. weapons inspector

The details on the arrest of a top guy in Al Qaeda... 
Bob Heibel, former FBI deputy director of counterterrorism

Target Iraq: Intelligent inspectors… What role will international covert intelligence play in Iraqi weapons inspections?
Mike Battles, former CIA operations officer

War on terror: Finding Usama bin Laden
His taped voice proves to Washington that he's alive and signaling spectacular attacks. An inside look at what the U.S. is doing to nail him and why the campaign has fizzled so far.
Michael Weisskopf the senior correspondent for Time

Target Iraq: The underground battle… Saddam has built an underground empire that is filled with stashed weaponry, palaces, secret bunkers, and military compounds. In an eventual war with Iraq, how do allied forces target and wipe out the underground world?
Robert Wilcox, former. U.S. Airforce information officer

Three Al Qaeda recruits tell Newsweek they're training for terror in Afghanistan…
Mark Hosenball, Newsweek magazine

U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq today... What happens next?
Baker Spring, national security and arms control analyst at the Heritage Foundation

Target Iraq: Military
Major General Paul Vallely, retired U.S. Army

What is in Al Qaeda's Jihad handbook?
Greg Gutfeld, editor-in-chief of Stuff magazine

Jam Master Jay's murder is the latest black eye for the rap industry...
Chuck D, Grammy award winning artist and activist
Charles Fisher, Hip Hop Summitt Youth Council founder and president

Weapons inspectors enter Iraq: What will they find?
Khidhir Hamza, former nuclear advisor to Saddam Hussein

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change