Guests and Topics: November 18

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An advance team of U.N. weapons inspectors arrived in Iraq and are preparing to resume their search for weapons of mass destruction. But will the inspectors find what the White House is looking for, or will the situation deteriorate before they even have a chance to look?

We're joined by former Louisiana Congressman Bob Livingston and by former Assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb.

Former Governor Mario Cuomo of New York. His read on the future of the Democratic Party. Do they need to go to the left?

Does the resurfacing of Al Gore mean that he plans to run for president again? Well -- and will criticizing him and the president of the United States help him?
Peter Fenn, Democratic consultant
Peter Snyder, Republican consultant

Since October the 30, three young men and one young woman have mysteriously disappeared from Minnesota and Wisconsin. Police investigating each of the cases say that there's no evidence that the disappearances are related, but they haven't ruled it out either. Joining us now are Steve and Jan Jenkins. Their son Christopher now has been missing since November 1. We're up to 19 days?

And the story of one newspaper in Arizona that has issued a call to arms to curb illegal immigration. Editor of the Tombstone Tumbleweed, Chris Simcox, will talk about his plan to spread "armed militia members" on private property along the border to deter illegal border crossers. Should the public and law enforcement be concerned? Join the debate...

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