Topics and Guests, November 15

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

U.S. officials tell FOX News that a top Al Qaeda operative has been captured as part of an ongoing operation. And the FBI is warning that Al Qaeda may be planning a "spectacular" attack intended to kill many people and cause massive damage to the U.S. economy. We have the latest.


• The United States is "prepared and concerned" about possible Iraq-sponsored terrorist attacks if President Bush orders a war to disarm Saddam Hussein.

• Israeli troops burst into a banquet hall after a brief gunbattle and arrest 17 activists from the militant Hamas group as they eat their evening meal at the close of the day's Ramadan fast.

• The State Department warns of possible global retaliation against Americans as a Pakistani man who killed two CIA employees in a 1993 shooting rampage outside the agency's headquarters is executed.

• The government would cover up to $90 billion annually in insurance claims from any future terrorist attacks under a compromise bill approved by the House as lawmakers sort through their final stack of legislation for the year.

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