Topics and Guests for November 15

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Topics and Guests for November 15:

The United States is "prepared and concerned" about possible Iraq-sponsored terrorist attacks if President Bush orders a war to disarm Saddam Hussein, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Thursday.
Dr. Victor Mizin, former U.N. weapons inspector

Lawmakers and the Bush administration worried that a new audio message believed to be from Usama bin Laden is a signal that more terror strikes are imminent, even as counter terrorism analysts scoured the recording for clues about Al Qaeda's operations.
Yossef Bodansky, director of the Congressional task force on terrorism

More on the missing Minnesota college students.
Lisa Cheney, Josh Guimond's mother
Brian Guimond, Josh Guimond's father

Details on the December's Vanity Fair article that  presents "Terrorism's new Geography, Al Qaeda in South America"
Sebastian Junger, contributing editor for Vanity Fair

Chemical and bio-weapon sites...
John Pike, director of and FOX News consultant

This week in the media
Eric Burns, host of FOX Newswatch

Usama bin Laden and his latest tape…
Shaheen Sehbai, editor of the South Asia Tribune

8 Mile is in theaters now, we’ll talk to actor Eugene Byrd about the movie.
Eugene byrd, actor of 8 Mile

What is the significance of Usama bin Laden being alive?
Ambassador Marc Ginsberg, former ambassador to Morocco

Nuclear weapon sites
John Pike, director of

Win a 100,000 dollars by deciphering Magician David Blaine's clues in his new book
David Blaine, magician of the author of Mysterious Stranger, A Book of Magic

Iraqi parliament accepts new and improved resolution…
Amb Joseph Wilson, former deputy chief of mission to Baghdad

Target Iraq: If Saddam complies fully with the U.N. resolution, will the U.S. still strike?
Retired Col. John Warden III

Inspectors are returning and there is a potential war with Iraq. What's the view from London? We'll speak with a British based network correspondent.
Andrea Catherwood, international correspondent ITV News

The queen of glamorous writes about the enthralling world of being a star!
Joan Collins, author of the new book, Star Quality

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change