Below the Fold for November 17

Some political stories we found Below the Fold:

A Key Issue

Abortion was the sleeper issue in this year's election and, contrary to conventional wisdom, it worked heavily to the advantage of pro-life candidates.

Our FOX News Opinion Dynamics Election Day poll indicates that of those voters who considered abortion the most important voting consideration the pro-life side took 73 percent of the vote in Georgia, 81 percent of the vote in Minnesota and 80 percent of the vote in Missouri -- providing more than the margin of victory for Republican candidates in each state.

Just Saying No

The new Miss America, Erika Harold, has offended pageant organizers by using her platform to talk about sex. The 22-year-old Harold, who will attend Harvard Law School after serving her year as Miss America has taken up a controversial cause even though, according to the Associated press, "contestants have been discouraged from espousing it for fear of alienating pageant judges."

The inflammatory position: Harold espouses pre-marital chastity.

Award Winner?

The Art Students League of Denver has awarded the Best of Show prize to art student Cong Lu for his artwork, self-portrait of a Martyr.

It pictures an androgynous fellow lifting his shirt to reveal a bomb and a gun. After students protested the painting's poor taste, ASLD executive Director Leona Lazar explained, "We have a lot of pretty art here, but we want people to think. The beauty of art is this wonderful freedom to express ideas."

The school's faculty unanimously seconded the notion. It is not clear what edifying idea the scholars believe the picture promotes.