Topics and Guests for Friday, Nov. 15

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Stories for Friday, Nov. 15:

The FBI warns that Al Qaeda terrorists may be planning "spectacular" attacks on America
• Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz.
David Cid, former FBI antiterrorism agent
Robert Fitzpatrick, former FBI special agent in charge of the bureau's Boston office
Peter Brooks of the Heritage Foundation

Iraqi newspapers are calling the U.N. resolution to return weapons inspectors to the country ill intentioned and just plain bad
• Retired Marine Lt. Col. Bill Cowan

A new audio recording aired on the Al Jazeera television network is believed to feature the voice of Usama bin Laden
Rob Sobhani, professor of Middle East politics at Georgetown University

It's a movie that's been 27 years in the making — all about the murder of Martha Moxley and the investigation into the Kennedy cousin who did it
Mark Fuhrman, former LAPD detective

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