FBI May Be Unequal to Anti-Terror Task at Hand

Are we winning the war on terror? Sen. Tom Daschle says no, though he won't out-and-out say it. Instead, he wonders if we're doing as well as we could.

Not very helpful, I thought.

In the meantime, from the same partisan side in the war on terror, Sen. Bob Graham of Florida says the FBI is unprepared for the revenge terror that might be coming our way after we attack Iraq.

There's a difference between what Daschle and Graham are saying. Daschle is saying that President Bush isn't doing so good. Graham, on the other hand, is pointing out that the FBI is a law enforcement agency, bound by law to follow the law to the letter, and unable to do some of the nasty things we expect our anti-terror agency might well consider.

Would the FBI do a black bag job? A burglary? If they do, it will be the deepest most deniable secret in the agency.

As Graham points out, there are people who might do Saddam Hussein's bidding already in this country by the thousands... raising money for groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, or at least their charitable arms.

Daschle is wrong because a lot of good things have happened in Bush's war on terror, but Graham may also be right. The U.S. might need an American equivalent of Britain's MI5 internal military intelligence. Maybe it's not right to expect the FBI to do that job.

Surely we're all convinced by now that the battleground for the terror war against us is here, right on American soil.

If it's a war, don't send a cop... send a soldier, and send lots of them.

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