Guests and Topics: November 13

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As our nation faces the possibility of renewed terror threats from Al Qaeda and a war with Iraq, one syndicated columnist, Charley Reese is urging the Bush administration to forgo pre-emptive strikes against our enemies. He says when we kill "suspected" terrorists it's tantamount to a lynching! Those are strong words... And we'll debate those points with Mr. Reese.

Then, could there be a connection between the Beltway sniper suspects and a militant American Muslim group that aims to wage holy war on the United States? Law enforcement authorities are looking into a possible connection between John Lee Malvo, John Allen Muhammad and Jamaat al-Fuqra, a group with what The Washington Times describes as "documented ties to international terrorism that has been linked to 13 slayings and 17 firebombings in the United States and Canada."  We'll have a report this evening.

Plus, why is the INS barring an 8-year-old Russian girl from returning to the United States to live with her mother and stepfather? Wait till you hear this story!

Also, just how dangerous is smallpox? And how dangerous is it that four nations in the world possess the smallpox virus? We'll ask Richard Preston, author of the new book The Demon in the Freezer: A True Story.

And later, what's going on with the Catholic Church in America? Why is Boston's Cardinal Law changing his tune about the priest-sex abuse victims? Why is the church actively promoting a peace initiative against a possible war in Iraq? Could it have something to do with money? We'll have an update for you.

Finally, we told you about it in last night's Talking Points Memo... Is PBS's Bill Moyers out of control? We'll have the latest when Steve Hayes, a reporter from The Weekly Standard whose been investigating that question,  joins us.

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