Topics and Guests, November 12

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

In an audiotape broadcast by the Al-Jazeera television network, a voice purported to be that of Usama bin Laden can be heard praising the recent terror attacks in Bali and Moscow.


• The Iraqi parliament unanimously recommends that Saddam Hussein defy the United Nations' threats of "serious consequences" and reject the resolution demanding the readmission of weapons inspectors.

• A tentative agreement has been reached on the creation of a Homeland Security Department. We'll have the latest.

• Israeli troops hunting the killer of five Israelis, including a mother and her two young sons, sweep through this West Bank town and an adjacent refugee camp, demolishing the home of a local Palestinian militia leader and arresting three wanted men.

• Candidates, parties and their special interest supporters spent a record $1 billion on television ads in the 2002 election cycle -- double the amount spent in the 1998 midterm elections.

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