Guests and Topics: November 12

Tonight...The O'Reilly Factor is on...

A new audiotape may feature the voice of Usama bin Laden. Authorities think it could be the terror mastermind speaking on the tape which was released to Al Jazeera earlier today. We'll have the latest for you.

Speaking of Bin Laden and terrorism, more than half of all Americans think that President Bush is doing the right thing on Iraq and most of us also believe that the Democrats are not forceful enough in the war on terror. And, get this, even a large group of Democrats say that their party is too liberal! All of this information comes from a new poll just out from USA Today. Could the poll help explain what happened in the elections a week ago today? We'll ask former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

Plus, we'll follow-up on the VH1 story we've been telling you about. How can Viacom continue to support the cable channel's Music Behind Bars series? Will the corporate parent of VH1 take responsibility for this outrageous program? We'll ask Dennis Kneale, Forbes magazine Managing Editor and contributor to Forbes on FOX.

Also, should sex offenders be required to tell their neighbors about their past? The Supreme Court is looking at that question. But columnist Jacob Sullum says no. We'll speak with him this evening.

And later, comedian Bill Maher steps into the No Spin Zone this evening. The ex-host of Politically Incorrect has a new book out... Wait till you catch this title... When You Ride With Bin Laden, You Ride Alone. What does that mean? According to Maher, if you drive an SUV, you're supporting Usama bin Laden.

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