Saddam's Son: Accept U.N. Resolution

President Saddam Hussein's son told fellow lawmakers Tuesday Iraq should accept a U.N. resolution strengthening the mandate of international arms inspectors, but should require the inspection teams include Arabs.

"We have to agree to the U.N. Security Council resolution with limits on certain points, but not, we say, conditions," Odai Saddam Hussein said in a letter distributed to parliament as it reconvened Tuesday.

"There should not be approval of the resolution without an Arab umbrella or, if this is not possible, then under the so-called Arab League and there should be Arab experts or technicians and monitors who are familiar with the nuclear, chemical and biological side," the letter said.

Odai Saddam Hussein, though, said acceptance would not be surrender and that the Iraq could still be attacked.

"We also have to take precautions and measures and here we have to ask the Arab countries to immediately cut oil supplies to those countries that launch a military strike or aggression on Iraq and to any country that allows foreign war planes to use their airports or offer logistic support for them for refueling ...,' his letter said.

Arab oil producers have ignored similar calls from Iraq in the past, saying stopping sales was not in their interest.

Saddam's son made the commments as parliament reconvened Tuesday to consider the tough U.N. resolution before making a recommendation to the president. In the opening of the parliamentary session Monday night, members had sharply criticized the U.N. resolution.