Guests and Topics: November 11

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More outrage over VH1's Music Behind Bars series. You won't believe what's happening in this series now! We'll talk to a mother who lost her 21-year-old son. Now Music Behind Bars is making her re-live the murder all over again. We'll talk with her this evening.

Then, she's expected to become the first woman ever to serve as the House Minority Leader this leader. Who is Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi? Is she a "San Francisco liberal"? How has she voted on key legislation? And is she the right choice to lead the Democratic party in the House? We'll have a report.

Plus, attorneys for the 17-year-old sniper suspect John Lee Malvo are already saying that their client was  mistreated by police. We'll have a report.

And later, it was a record box office for an R-rated movie this weekend when 8 Mile debuted at theaters. Rapper Eminem's new flick scored big with lots of young people this weekend. But is this film art, as some critics have been saying, or just another example of corporate America glorifying and rewarding terrible behavior? We'll debate those questions. 

Finally, former NYPD Blue actress turned news anchor Andrea Thompson was roundly criticized when she joined CNN's Headline News. Now she's working for Court-TV. So why'd she want to make the switch from the pampered world of television drama to the messy reality of TV news? We'll catch up with the controversial Thompson tonight.

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