Tip Sheet for the Week of November 11-15

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FRED BARNES, CO-HOST: Welcome back to The Beltway Boys .

It's Tip Sheet time, and Mort is in the hot seat. This is the toughest test he's going to have all week. Let's see if he's up to it.

You're laughing. This is going to be hard, Mort.

Item number one, Democratic incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu and Republican challenger Suzy Terrell will debate next Sunday. The other two face each other in a runoff election December 7. Are you moderating this debate?

MORT KONDRACKE, CO-HOST: No, Tim Russert, I think, is, as he seems to be…practically all the debates...

BARNES: All of them.

KONDRACKE: ... and doing a very good job, I might add.

BARNES: Indeed.

KONDRACKE: Bush carried Louisiana by 8 points. Suzy Terrell has a chance. However, there's disarray in the Republican ranks. Mike Foster, the governor, Republican governor down there, is miffed that Bill Frist and the National Republicans came in there and anointed Suzy Terrell as the, as the...


KONDRACKE: ... as the candidate. And he said that he might endorse Mary Landrieu. The White House is going to have to intervene there.

BARNES: You know, in Southern states, it's hard for a Democrat running for federal office to raise money because all the people who give you money live in New York and San Francisco and so on. She -- and you can't bring them to your state. So she's let out the word that Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Dick Gephardt, Tom Daschle, don't come to Louisiana. And they won't. OK.

Item two, speaking of Al Gore, Al and Tipper kick off a major media tour next week to promote their new book, Joined at the Heart. But look for Mr. Gore to weigh in on the Democratic Party's soul-searching.

KONDRACKE: Well, I thought that the kiss at the 2000 Democratic convention was the high point of, of the, of the Gore campaign. And frankly, I think Tipper Gore is the class of the family.

BARNES: All right. I agree.

Congress return -- this is item three -- Congress returns next week of a lame duck session. One of the first items of business, leadership elections...

KONDRACKE: Well, the big question for, in my mind is...


KONDRACKE: ... who does Dean Barkley...


KONDRACKE: ... Senator Dean Barkley...


KONDRACKE: ... the interim senator from Minnesota side with? And he, he could make majority leader Daschle or majority leader Lott.

BARNES: Let's ask Mitch McConnell when we talk to him in a little bit.


BARNES: Item four, President Bush has quite a to-do. As for the lame duck session, the biggest item, passing a homeland security bill. Will he get it through?

KONDRACKE: You know, I can't believe that the Democrats, seeing what happened...

BARNES: The answer is yes.

KONDRACKE: ... see -- Yes.

BARNES: OK. Item five, Voter News Service, the vote tabulation system run by the AP and the television networks, once again experienced an election night meltdown. Next week, expect a report detailing what went wrong. I know what went wrong.

KONDRACKE: Title of the report should be, Ten Million Total Screw-Up.

BARNES: Exactly.

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