The Disappearing American Cowboy

Today's Wall Street Journal carries the story of a radical -- I'd say far left Bolshevik -- group that targets ranchers in the American West who rely on renting public lands to graze cattle.

These are the zero-grazing Greenies who insist the vast tracts of New Mexico and Nevada and other states which are owned by the federal government should not be used by cattle ranchers for grazing cows.

The group is called the Forest Guardian and they are using environmental law to sue the Bureau of Land Management and force the bureau -- which is the federal government's rental agent -- into tossing these ranchers off the land and in the process financially breaking the ranchers.

The Forest Guardians even admit the practice. "So be it," they say when a rancher goes broke.

This business of not letting people make a living on public lands has been coming all through the Clinton administration and now it's coming to a head. Cowboys are going to be extinct in Nevada because the Pol Pot enviros are going to make sure no blade of grass is eaten unless it's eaten by a sanctified species -- in other words, not a cow.

This does not seem like a terribly big deal to a lot of us. But these are precisely the same people who would have 200,000 young Americans go to the Middle East to fight to protect oil rather than punch a hole in our own lands to get our own oil.

Now, will the Bush majority change all that from ANWR to Nevada? I think it might.

That's My Word.

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