Below the Fold for November 10

Let's check out some political stories we found in a special post-election edition of Below the Fold:

Gum Control

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., celebrated Republican victories on Tuesday night by taking pokes at Republicans. McCain told Comedy Central's John Stewart that the proper reaction to the GOP sweep was quote "to buy guns." He then added, "The Bushmaster is popular now." The Bushmaster, of course, was the weapon used by the DC sniper or snipers to kill at least a dozen people.

A McCain mouthpiece explains the senator "was stressing the need for better gun control."

Up In Smoke

After an election in which four states rejected proposals to legalize medicinal marijuana, one Michigan judge is taking a break after taking a toke. A woman attending a Rolling Stones concert in Detroit last month spotted Traverse City District Judge Thomas Gilbert firing up a joint and inhaling at least twice.

Once outed, the judge expressed remorse and announced he would take a leave of absence. Gilbert didn't exactly throw the book at himself. The leave will last precisely one week.

Talking Now

Susan McDougal, who clamed up during the various investigations of Bill Clinton, will unburden herself in an upcoming book titled, The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk.

The tome, with an introduction by beloved leftist Helen Thomas, roasts Bill Clinton -- "I have never known another human being who needed to be told all the time how great he is." -- and Kenneth Starr's investigative team -- "middle-aged, moralistic morons who were obsessed by sex."

McDougall tells U.S. News she now has a new calling. She visits women's detention facilities around the country, takes notes and then informs the local press that prisons are not pleasant places.