Guests and Topics: November 7

Tonight on Hannity & Colmes

A new U.S. draft resolution on Iraq set off a final diplomatic push for tough new weapons inspections, backed by threats of force if Saddam Hussein continues to skirt his disarmament obligations.

The revised American text, a product of eight weeks of intense lobbying by the Bush administration, signaled significant progress and included major concessions to Security Council members concerned about setting off another war in Iraq.

Will Tuesday's big election win for republicans strengthen the president's hand as he pushes for a tough stand against Iraq? Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig joins the debate.

And Dick Gephardt is throwing in the towel. Today he announced he won’t run again for House minority leader. The Missouri Democrat's statement was widely anticipated following the party's dismal showing in midterm elections on Tuesday. Will giving up the minority leader spot help or hurt his chances for the White House in 2004? Geraldine Ferraro, former vice presidential candidate and FNC political analyst will react.

Former Congressman John Kasich saw the last Republican revolution on the hill. Is it time for another contract with America? He'll join Hannity & Colmes.

Finally, what did the governor-elect of Georgia say that has some civil rights leaders outraged? Are Republicans not allowed to quote Dr. Martin Luther King?

-All guests and topics subject to change