A Good Week for President Bush

You have to wonder if any Christmas was as good to George W. Bush as this week has been.

After all, today we're able to say... election? Oh that. What about the U.N.? Now there's a victory.

Not only did the French come around — and they seemed to be the toughest of tough nuts —  but the Russians got on board too. That's a big deal because the Russians are owed a ton of money by Iraq, and they don't want any tank columns screwing up Saddam Hussein's ability to pay the money back.

Then there's Syria. Despite our friend Christopher Hitchens saying their support for the resolution is not such a big surprise, it is huge because it is an Arab state's endorsement of doing something about Saddam. And it probably didn't happen without the urging of other Arab states — pressure on Arabs by Arabs.

So here we are all teed up. Congress is on the president's side, the U.N. is on the president's side, and the American people are on his side.

Saddam's gotta be wondering if fooling around with the weapons inspectors is going to be something worth doing.

And if President Bush is able to disarm the butcher of Baghdad by threatening war instead of actually waging war, will the doves admit he was the biggest dove of all?

That may be too much to hope for... but it may demonstrate to those people who think about it that sometimes... war is peace... if the threat is potent and credible, and if the party being threatened — in this case Saddam — understands that he is on the edge of a disastrous chasm.

We're not out of the woods yet, but Bush has had a good week.

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