Eminem, Brian DePalma and Julianne Moore

Eminem, Brian DePalma and Julianne Moore at the movies this week in harsh glare of The Foxlight.

No matter who the real Slim Shady is, he can act. Eminem fans have probably thought he was giving Oscar-caliber performances in those videos -- now the rest of us can see what all the fuss is about in 8 Mile. His politics aside, he's the James Dean of rap. And some old white guys are raving about this film debut.

Next, a few critics think he's a genius -- the rest are just tired of him ripping off Alfred Hitchcock. Brian DePalma is back from his new home in Paris with a bon-bon called Femme Fatale. It's fatal alright.

Finally, Julianne Moore says Far from Heaven is not a chick flick. Even though it's inspired by those old Rock Hudson soap opera weepy flicks of the 1950s. She won the Venice Film Festival's best actress award and this thing is getting some of the biggest Oscar buzz of the year.