Topics and Guests for November 6

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Topics and Guests for November 6:

Election Results 2002
Tony Snow, host of Fox News Sunday

Election Results 2002
Bill Richardson, most likely the new governor of New Mexico

Election Results 2002: The Louisiana run-off...
Barry Richard, Republican election law expert
Stanley M. Brand, Democratic election law expert

Election Results 2002
Ann Lewis, former Clinton director of communication
Stephen Moore, Republican strategist

Election Results 2002
Joe lockhart, former Clinton press secretary
Bob Livingston, former congressman R-Louisiana

The historical significance of Election 2002…
Richard Shenkman, presidential historian at Geroge Mason University

Celebrity scorecard: Hollywood celebs come out supporting candidates... How did their candidates fair and whose celebrity backing had the most impact?
Jeanne Wolf, editor at large of the US Weekly

Election Results 2002
Juan Williams, FOX News political analyst
Rich Lowry, National Review editor

Sniper death penalty: Should the death penalty be enforced on the juvenile?
Which jurisdiction should this case be tried?
Michael Greenberger, former principal deputy associate attorney

Jurors in Winona Ryder's shoplifting trial ended their first day of deliberations without reaching a verdict on whether the actress went on a shoplifting spree at a Beverly Hills store.
Steven Cron, criminal defense attorney
Pat Lalama, celebrity justice correspondent

What problems do the prosecutors face in the sniper case?
Gil Davis, former VA federal prosecutor
Jonathan Katz, criminal defense attorney

Election Results 2002
Scott Butler national president of the Young Democrats of America
Michael Mack, executive vice president of the Young Republicans

Sniper: John Ashcroft is expected to decide as early this week who will try the sniper case first.
Kirby Porter, commonwealth's attorney for Hanover County

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change