Elton John, Jurassic Park, Nia Vardalos and Robert Evans

Elton John, Jurassic Park, Saturday Night Live and Robert Evans in the tan light glow of The Foxlight.

Elton John's artistic advice to young musicians? Take the money and run. He says they're just a commodity anyway, so make sure you get paid and save a few quid. The queen of pop also says today's musicians care less about songwriting and more about the packaging.

No matter how bad you thought Jurassic Park III was, guess what: They're baaaack. And they'll be hungry. And the yet-to-be-named stars will be stupid. Universal is going ahead with Jurassic Park IV. Do we have to be as mentally incapacitated as the stars and go to this thing? Probably.

Who's the latest to make a big, fat deal out of Nia Vardalos and My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Saturday Night Live. She hosts the show this weekend. She'll probably be OK at sketch comedy. She comes from Second City -- the same place lots of the current SNL cast members got their start. One obvious sketch this weekend? 'My big fat Greek divorce.'

Finally, speaking of weddings, guess who glided down the aisle for a sixth time? Professional tanner and Hollywood icon of sin Robert Evans. Want to see how some of his other marriages have fared? Check out his documentary The Kid Stays In The Picture. Congratulations Evans. But if it's any influence, I have a week from next Tuesday in the "How Long Will This One Last" pool.