Topics and Guests for Wednesday, Nov. 6

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Here's a review of what was on the rundown for Wednesday, Nov. 6:

The president's party has never done well in midterm elections, so what happened this time around?
Don Fowler, former DNC chairman

Now that Republicans have the keys to the car, what are the issues driving their ambitious agenda?
• Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va.

President Bush put his popularity on the line, and led a hard-fought campaign for control of the Senate. The strategy paid off
Mark McKinnon, GOP media strategist

DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe has plenty of excuses for why his party got kicked around at the polls
Peter Beinart, editor of the New Republic

White House advisers say the GOP's 2002 election victory is a mandate for the president's agenda
Dick Morris, former adviser to President Clinton

A jury has found actress Winona Ryder guilty of grand theft and vandalism, but not burglary
Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

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