Tonight... Get on the record with Greta!

We've been on top of the serial sniper story from the beginning... And that won't change this evening. We'll tell you about today's new developments... 

Plus, wait till you hear the nickname John Allen Muhammad gave to 17-year-old John Lee Malvo!

Then, we'll change our focus to tomorrow's election. The stakes are very high for both the Democrats and the Republicans tomorrow... Looks like lots of races all over the country will go down to the wire... And we may not even know who will gain control of the House and Senate until the early hours of the morning!

We'll have three of the sharpest minds in the political world giving you the very latest look at what promises to be an historic election. We'll have a fair and balanced look at all the hot races when we convene our political roundtable tonight with FOX News contributors Bill Kristol from The Weekly Standard and Michael Barone from U.S. News & World Report plus E.J. Dionne from The Washington Post.

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--The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Note: Topics and guests subject to change.