Guests and Topics: November 4

Tonight on Hannity & Colmes

Despite the fact that he's not running, President Bush has become the star of the 2002 midterm campaign, drawing huge, cheering crowds as he blitzes his way across the Midwest and South in the last days before Tuesday's voting.

Who will prevail in the battle for the United States Senate? And could the balance of power shift as early as this week? George Mitchell, former senate majority leader reacts.

And then will tomorrow's races end the same way as the last election? There could be recounts and legal challenges in several states. Former attorney general Ed Meese will tell us what we can expect.

Election day is nearing and Americans are preparing for what looks to be some of the closest elections in recent memory. Former vice presidential nominee Jack Kemp joins the debate.

And Dick Morris will break down the latest poll numbers for us!

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