Topics and Guests, November 1

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

In a partial victory for the Democrats, Minnesota's Supreme Court orders local election officials to send out new absentee ballots to people who ask to change their Senate vote in the wake of Sen. Paul Wellstone's death.


• President Bush campaigns with candidates in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Kentucky. We'll have the latest.

• U.N. action on Iraq will be delayed beyond next week's U.S. midterm elections as the Bush administration, in a bid for French and Russian support, revises its resolution calling for new weapons inspections.

• Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat warns against any U.S. strike on Iraq, saying it would have catastrophic consequences in the Middle East and urges resolving the conflict through the United Nations.

• Authorities charge the two Beltway Sniper suspects with murder in a Louisiana shooting that came just two days after a similar slaying in Alabama.

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