Topics and Guests for October 31

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Topics and Guests for October 31:

More on the skepticism surrounding Muslim videos…
Rawia Ismail, education masters degree candidate

Who should be in charge of the sniper case?
Peter Johnson, FOX News legal analyst

Target Iraq: Should Saddam be tried on war crimes?
David J. Scheffer, former ambassador at large for war crimes

Get ready to chuck those pumpkins! We’ll give you the details on one outrageous pumpkin throwing contest!
Pete Hill, team co-captain
Ralph Eschborn, team co-captain

You decide 2002: The Massachusetts and New York gubernatorial races
Ron Kaufman, Republican strategist
Mark Mellman, Democratic strategist

Canada's warning: In an exclusive interview with FOX News, the Canadian ambassador tells us why his country has issued a travel warning to the United States.
Amb. Michael Kergin, Canadian ambassador to the U.S.

Winona Ryder's lawyer suggested Wednesday that the prosecution's key witness in the shoplifting case against the actress has changed his account and did not turn over important material to attorneys.
Michael Addelson, criminal defense attorney
Mark C. Holscher , former prosecutor

An hour after the snipers were arrested, John Allen Mohammed was talking with both FBI and Maryland detectives. The interrogation was interrupted when a Maryland federal prosecutor broke up the questioning so that Mohammed could be charged in a Baltimore court on federal gun charges. Should this have happened and could it ultimately damage the case against the suspected sniper?
Joe Coffey, former 21 year veteran of NYPD
Tim Susanin, former federal prosecutor under Ken Starr
David Cid, former FBI terrorist task force

You decide 2002: The importance of winning…
What does the outcome of these elections mean to the future of the White House?
Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Fl
Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fl

Homeland Security report: What risks still exist and what should we do to prevent them?
Gary Hart, former Colorado senator (D)

Allure magazine's got Lisa Kudrow on the cover this month. The Friends star talks about her looks, her movies, her co-stars and why she may never work in television again!
Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change