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Party lawyers in many states will be available en masse at the polls on Election Day, but whether they will be welcome depends on the party to which they belong.

Democrats say they are training and placing 10,000 local attorneys across the country to guard against voter intimidation at the polls this year. But they complain that the lawyers Republicans are activating in a similar fashion — as well as the nationwide anti-voter fraud initiative launched by the Justice Department — will serve to intimidate voters, not protect them.

"They have this program of ballot security and protection — it's just a veiled attempt at voter intimidation and vote suppression," charged Maria Cardona, spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee. "It's just a method to intimidate minority voters."

Justice Department officials hotly responded to those charges on Thursday, pointing out that Democrats seem to want it both ways: They complained when there were no monitors in place to guard against irregularities at the polls during the 2000 presidential election, and they complain now when the feds are carrying out their duty to help.

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