Nicole Kidman, Anthony LaPaglia and George Lucas

Nicole Kidman, Anthony LaPaglia and George Lucas in the warm intergallactic glare of The Foxlight.

Remember that bet Nicole Kidman made for $10,000 that a certain male movie star would be married by age 40? Well, she lost. And she paid up. But the famous actor sent the check back to the former Mrs. Tom Cruise with the following message: Double or nothing for another 10 years. Who's the famous guy who has until age 50 to find Mrs. Right? Kidman's Peacemaker co-star and pal George Clooney. The former ER star says he likes marriage -- in the movies.

Anthony LaPaglia was terrific in the little-seen film called Lantana. And he's been in a lot of other stuff. Now he has a new show called Without a Trace that could disappear just like the people in the show. But according to two network heads, he could have been whacking a lot of other actors. Yep, if The Sopranos had been picked up by Fox instead of HBO he was going to be Tony Soprano.

Finally, those who can't direct, act? We'll see when George Lucas guests stars on Just Shoot Me. He plays himself so it shouldn't be as wooden as everyone he directed in the last Star Wars. But you never know.