Microsoft Measured by Numbers

Microsoft (MSFT), as measured by the numbers:


—Gross revenue from June 2001 to June 2002: $28.4 billion

—Market value as of Oct. 31, 2002: $287.6 billion

—Money spent on research and development per year: $5.2 billion

—Number of employees: 50,500

—Bill Gates' net worth: $43 billion

—Share of home computer operating system market: About 93 percent

—Number of copies of the latest Windows XP operating system sold: 67 million

—Number of copies of latest Office XP suite sold: Over 60 million

—Share of Web browser market: About 96 percent

—Countries whose 2001 gross domestic product in U.S. dollars is less than Microsoft's market value: More than 150, including Switzerland, Belgium, Saudi Arabia and Argentina.


Sources: Microsoft, International Data Corp., Forbes Magazine, International Monetary Fund.