Topics and Guests for October 28

The Beltway Sniper suspects may be in custody, but threats to the safety of the homeland still exist.

Which threats top the list? We'll investigate.

Plus, Michael Cherkasky, CEO of Kroll & Associates, joins us to discuss how his company is profiting from the increased need for security.

Why is General Motors taking heat for sponsoring a Christian music tour? We'll have a complete report.

Publishers eager to pounce on the storm of publicity over the Beltway Sniper are testing the waters for a potential slew of books on the subject. But will they be disappointed? We'll ask Barb Burg , senior vice president at publishing giant Bantam Dell.

Can embattled EchoStar chief Charlie Ergen sell his Direct-TV merger to Justice Department? We'll ask USA Today's David Lieberman .

Whether you invest overseas or not, Richard Fischer, former deputy U.S. Trade Representative, explains why you should be keeping a close eye on Brazil's new president.

And, is Steve Case on his way out at AOL?

We'll have those stories and more!

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