Topics and Guests for October 29

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Topics and Guests for October 29:

District attorney of Montgomery County, Alabama sends letter to Ashcroft urging him to get involved and to keep Montgomery, Alabama in the running…
Ellen Brooks, district attorney in Montgomery County Alabama

FBI is investigating whether sniper suspect may have been involved in an illegal human smuggling ring; was he responsible for the break-in of the Tacoma INS office where visa forging items were stolen?
Ben Ferro , former INS district director

Find out why former Robert Blake defense attorney calls it quits after his client agrees to a televised interview.
Harland Braun , former Blake defense attorney

Could Al Qaeda have a secret nuclear stash hidden in Afghanistan?
Michael Swetnam , former CIA officer

How will Muslim countries react to the U.S. attacking Iraq?

Asma Gull Hasan, journalist

Election 2002 you decide: How will senator races affect the balance of power in the Senate?
Senator Al D'Amato,
former NY Senator (R)
Senator Dennis Deconcini, former AZ senator (D)

Women of Worldcom pose for Playboy...
Candace Miller, current Worldcom employee
Crystal Walent, current Worldcom employee

Beltway Sniper suspects John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo may be behind the February murder of a woman in Tacoma, Wash., police said Monday. The two have also been linked to a case of vandalism in which bullets were fired at a Tacoma synagogue in May. No one was injured in that incident. The connection was based on guns a Tacoma man told police he loaned Muhammad and Malvo. Ballistics tests matched the weapons to slugs found at both scenes.
Roland Warren, president of National Fatherhood Initiative

A Saks Fifth Avenue security official testified Monday that actress Winona Ryder admitted shoplifting and told him she was doing it to prepare for a movie role. Ken Evans, giving testimony that surprised the defense, said he encountered Ryder after security guards detained her on Dec. 12 and while Saks officials in California and New York were trying to decide whether to refer the case to police.
Steven Cron, criminal defense attorney

Details on the legal issues surrounding the sniper case.
Bill Sullivan, former federal prosecutor
Benard Grimm
, criminal defense attorney

You decide 2002: Focusing on the top races!
Bruce Reed, president of the Democratic Leadership Council
Bill Paxon, former congressman

Get ready for a big band Sinatra tribute! Joe Piscopo is in NY today performing his Frank Sinatra tribute at the Youth I.N.C.'s "A Celebration to Benefit New York Kids 2002" at Webster Hall.
Joe Piscopo, actor and comedian

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change