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Question for October 30:  Should the Haitians stay or go?

In a development that drew even more scrutiny to the security of the nation's borders, more than 200 illegal Haitian immigrants jumped overboard, waded ashore and rushed onto a major highway Tuesday after their 50-foot wooden freighter ran aground off Miami.

Late Tuesday night and early into Wednesday morning, about 100 protesters marched outside the Immigration and Naturalization Service building in Miami, chanting in Creole: "No no, we won't go, if you send us away we'll come back. America is for all of us." The demonstrators asked for access to the Haitians and requested legal representation for them.

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According to the laws of the United States as what I  know... Once you enter the soil of U.S. illegally they return to their place of origin. 100% Haitians should go back right? Is that the cost of poor boarder control?

Vilma B.

I came to this country in 1964 from Germany and I came the legal route, it took me month of paper work and delays to come to this beautiful, free and generous country. Let them do the same thing, and maybe we can start controlling our borders and be safe. As sorry as I feel for them, they have to go back.

Heidi B. (Lakewood, NJ)

When are the politicians going to honor their commitment to the people of the USA? All polls that I have read support suspending most if not all immigration. Most citizens and I support a moratorium on all immigration.  Immigration laws cost the citizens billions of dollars a year. Immigration is all about politicians gaining a few votes at the expense of tax paying citizens! If a majority of citizens would vote against the Representatives that support immigration we would have a new law tomorrow. I intend to do just that. Send the illegal and legal immigrants back where they came from and change the wet foot/dry foot law to a no foot law.

Harold J.

Haitians just want to come to America to have a better life like anyone else, but they are rejected everytime. It doesn't surprise me, America doesn't treat the blacks already here right. Oh, my, where do we go from here?


The Haitians, as all illegal immigrants, should be returned home. My parents came here legally from Yugoslavia in 1969 through a lengthy process and became citizens by following the rules. It's upsetting to think that these people can get special treatment. Why even have laws regulating aliens when they can be bent or ignored?

B. B.