Topics and Guests, October 25

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., dies in a plane crash along with seven others.


• A farewell visit by Chinese President Jiang Zemin is being marked by progress toward closer military, law enforcement and human rights ties with the United States.

• Prosecutors in Alabama plan to charge Beltway Sniper suspects John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo with capital murder, and they intend to ask for the death penalty.

• Chechen rebels holding about 600 hostages in a Moscow theater threaten to begin killing them at dawn Saturday if their demands are not met.

• In a surprise move, Russia and France begin circulating proposals to significantly water-down a U.S. draft resolution on Iraq, removing language some say could authorize military force against Baghdad and limiting inspections on presidential sites.

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