Topics and Guests for October 23

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Topics and Guests for October 23:

Authorities continue reaching out to the sniper after killer's apparent warning that ‘Your children are not safe’
Ken Trump, president of National School Safety Services

Sniper shooting: What are his strategies and how has this affected DC?
Lou Hennessy, former DC homicide commander

A CIA director and his wife live in the DC area and talk about a living in fear.
Stephanie Glakas-Tenet , wife of CIA director
Julie Sussman, wife of CIA employee

Inside the mind of a serial killer: What might he do next? Has he met his objective?
Dr. Barbara Kirwin, forensic psychologist

Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose issued a new plea Tuesday, urging the Beltway Sniper to continue a dialogue with investigators.
George Andrew, former FBI supervisory special agent in the criminal division in DC

The latest on the sniper…
Brent Turvey forensic scientist and criminal profiler

In 1977, a detective and his partner, John Longo, painstakingly traced a parking ticket that led to the capture of David Berkowitz, the so-called Son of Sam killer.
Ed Zigo, homicide detective who arrested David Berkowitz

A star of the new movie Roger Dodger talks to FOX News!
Elizabeth Berkley, actress

Why does the snipers use a .223?
Retired Major General Paul Vallely, U.S. Army

In a major step toward the filing of formal charges, the Securities and Exchange Commission has presented Martha Stewart's legal team with its evidence of her allegedly improper sale of ImClone Systems stock. According to a source close to the investigation.ery plausible possibility, according to legal analysts — it would be a tough but not catastrophic blow to her company.
Douglas Burns, former federal prosecutor
Bob Dunn, criminal defense attorney

More on an exhibit that pays tribute to WWII era, china-u.s. cooperation…
Captain Peter Goutiere, former World War II vet

Sniper attacks: What kind of man is he, based on his communication with law enforcement? When will we strike again?
Robert Fitzpatrick, chief hostage negotiator for FBI

The latest on the sniper.
Greta Van Susteren, host of On The Record

Sniper note: 'Your children are not safe anywhere at anytime'
Dennis McCarthy, former Secret Service director

More on Allure magazine's cover story on Friends’ star Lisa Kudrow. She talks about her looks, her movies, her costars and why she may never work in television again!
Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change