Guests and Topics: October 22

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The Beltway Sniper appeared to have struck again Tuesday morning, as a bus driver was shot and fatally wounded in the Aspen Hill area of Montgomery County, Md.

The victim suffered a chest wound and was airlifted via helicopter to Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Md. At about 10:30 a.m., Fox News learned that he had died.

Capt. Nancy Demme of the Montgomery County police told reporters that the driver was 35 years old and was shot while standing on the top steps of a Ride-On commuter bus that had stopped on a layover to fill out some paperwork.

Investigating the sniper…Forensic pathologist, Michael Baden and former LAPD detective, Mark Fuhrman will weigh in on Hannity & Colmes.

Should the justice department take over the investigation? Ed Meese, former attorney general, will weigh in...

Empower America’s, Bill Bennet reacts to the latest sniper shooting and joins the debate over Iraq.

Congressman JC Watts prepares to bow out of the political spotlight and he's got a wake-up call for conservatives. Find out what that it is tonight…

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