Topics and Guests for October 17

Tonight... Get on the record with Greta!

We'll be live from Rockville, Maryland to bring you all the very latest developments in the search for the Beltway sniper.

We'll also convene our experts roundtable this evening with forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, criminal defense attorney Bernard Grimm and former D.C. homicide detective Ted Williams. What is their assessment of the search so far? What's gone right? And what's gone wrong?

Plus, we'll speak with one man who has intimate knowledge of the hunt for a serial killer... David Kaczynski made the courageous decision to contact authorities about his own brother, Ted, who was the serial killer known as the Unabomber. Are there any similarities between the Beltway sniper and the Unabomber? Does he think that a family member might also be able to lead police to the sniper? We'll ask him tonight.

Finally, could the sniper be a terrorist? We'll ask an expert.

Be sure to watch tonight's edition of On the Record  live from at 10 p.m. ET... only on the Fox News Channel

Note: Topics and guests subject to change.