Walters Reveals Her Maternal Heartbreak

ABC's Barbara Walters and her daughter are breaking their silence about their troubled relationship -- on NBC.

Walters and Jackie Danforth sat for an exclusive interview with Jane Pauley airing on tomorrow's Dateline, in which they discuss Jackie's troubled teen years -- which ultimately led to Walters placing her daughter in an alternative school for troubled teens in Idaho.

Walters -- an NBC mainstay before jumping to ABC in 1976 -- and then-husband Lee Guber adopted Jackie in 1968. By the time Jackie was 13, her parents were divorced -- and Jackie was sinking into a life of truancy and drug use.

"You are the most probing questioner in the Western World, and maybe in the Eastern World, too . . . and you didn't know [about Jackie's problems]?" Pauley asks Walters.

"I'm not saying that I shouldn't have known [that Jackie was slipping away]," says Walters. "I should have known. But I was much more innocent . . . I took her to a doctor. I was afraid she had a brain tumor. I didn't think drugs."

In the summer of 1984, Jackie, then 15, ran away from home. For a month, Walters didn't know where her daughter was -- and when she found Jackie, she shipped her off to Idaho.

Danforth stayed in the program for three years -- and, in the process, turned her life around.

After marrying Mark Danforth, Jackie established a camp in Maine called New Horizons -- catering to troubled young girls.

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