Topics and Guests for October 16

President Bush signs Congress' go-ahead for military action against Iraq, clearing the way for a rematch with Saddam Hussein.

But should Iraq be the focus of the war on terror? We'll ask Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., head of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

How did the world's largest automotive parts supplier beat the Street's expectations? J.T. Battenberg, chairman, CEO and president of Delphi Corp, joins us.

What can you expect from your portfolio as earnings season continues? Fox Business News correspondent Molly de Ramel has a complete report.

Is the Beltway Sniper impact business in the Washington metro area? We'll ask Richard Navari, managing partner of the Comfort Inn University Center in Fairfax, Va.

Comedian and author Ben Stein offers tips on How to Ruin Your Life .

The countdown continues until the release of the next installment of Harry Potter series. But not everyone is happy about this, including Rev. Lou Sheldon, chairman of  the Traditional Values Coalition.

And, is Wall Street making too big of a deal out of these estimates? Frank LaSalla, president of BNY Clearing Services; Michelle Girard, bond market strategist at Prudential Financial and Mike Norman, founder and editor of the Economic Contrarian Update , join the debate.

Plus, is the stock market connected to the Fall Classic? We'll ask the New York Times' Floyd Norris why two California teams in the World Series could rally Wall Street.

We'll have those stories and more!

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