Topics and Guests for October 15

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Topics and Guests for October 15:

The Beltway Sniper has struck again, killing a woman with one shot in the parking lot of a Falls Church, Va., shopping center. Ballistics experts have conclusively linked the shooting to the serial killer who has now murdered nine people and wounded two others since Oct. 2, police said Tuesday morning.
Patrick Webb, former FBI supervisory special agent who worked on the unabomber case

The sniper: Why aren't the attacks also happening during the weekend?
Ted Williams, former DC detective

The latest on the sniper shooting at a Home Depot in Falls Church, Va.
Pat Brown
, criminal investigator

Coping with the sniper shootings…
Jeffrey Gardere, clinical psychologist and forensic psychologist

The Washington, DC area sniper: Who is this person? Is he being encouraged by media coverage of the shootings and by the reactions of public officials?
Michael Mcgrath, president at the Academy of Behavioral Profiling

Sniper shooting: What will happen next?
Bill Majeski, 21 year veteran NYPD detective

Police say the sniper is behind Home Depot attack.
Joe Madison radio talk show host
Alan Nathan, radio talk show

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change