Guests and Topics: October 15

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The Beltway Sniper has struck again, killing a woman with one shot in the parking lot of a Falls Church, Va., shopping center.

Ballistics experts have conclusively linked the shooting to the serial killer who has now murdered nine people and wounded two others since Oct. 2, Fairfax County Police Chief Tom Manger said Tuesday morning.

The latest victim was identified as Linda Franklin, 47, from Arlington, Va. She was shot in the head at 9:15 p.m. Monday as she and her husband loaded packages into their car outside a Home Depot at the Seven Corners Shopping Center

Manger said authorities were continuing to look for a cream-colored Chevy Astro van that was spotted leaving the scene of the shooting. The latest in the manhunt tonight... Forensic Pathologist, Michael Baden and Danny Coulson, a former FBI assistant director will give their expert opinion on who they believe is behind the terrifying shootings.

Why can't police catch this killer? Is the sniper getting bolder? How much worse can this get? Mark Fuhrman, former Los Angeles police detective reacts.

And tonight you don’t want to miss "Tuesdays with Bennett" -- Empower America's Bill Bennett joins the debate. Is this shooting spree a new form of domestic terrorism?

Plus, Ken Starr talks about what we don't know about the U.S. Supreme Court and his new book, First Among Equals, The Supreme Court in American Life.

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