Vogue/VH1 Honor J-Lo's Style

Talk about trend-setter.

It's no wonder J-Lo is accepting the "Most Influential Artist of the Year" honor at this year's Vogue/VH1 Fashion Awards, airing live this Tuesday night from Radio City Music Hall. 

She's got the boyfriend (Ben Affleck). She has three movies lined up Jersey Girl and Gigli, both with Affleck, and Maid In Manhattan.) She has a new single, "Jenny from the Block," that's getting major radio airplay. Department stores like Macy's, can't keep her J-Lo line of clothing in stock. And she just launched her own fragrance, Glow by J-Lo. 

But most importantly, she's got the most riveting, eye-popping style. 

Even A-list celebrities -- like Britney, Madonna and Shakira -- can't stop themselves from dressing like her, sometimes pushing the limit a lot farther than Lopez does. 

"She has really taken this country by storm," said Vogue stylist Kim Meehan, who will be helping J.Lo choose her outfit for the ceremony. 

"She made us sit up and look at women the way they should be looked at, in terms of body type. We went from the Kate Moss, heroin- chic [look to J-Lo]. And for a long time we had Gwyneth Paltrow. J-Lo's the antithesis of Gwyneth. She comes from a mixed background, she doesn't have long limbs like your classic Grace Kelly. 

"And she loves clothes with more of a street take on them, mixing high and low fashion. And here she comes along and she has the most womanly body and people are embracing it." 

Here are just some examples of the looks J-Lo has pioneered and other celebs have stolen: 

* The "How-does-that-stay-on?" strategically-revealing dress 

Mouths were open for weeks after J-Lo wore a vibrant green Versace dress with a super-wide, slit-to-there V-neck at the Grammy Awards in February 2000. Exactly one year later at the same awards ceremony, Toni Braxton hoped for the same shock value by wearing a white, barely-there Richard Tyler sheath -- a look that came off more like a desperate plea for attention than a truly daring fashion statement. 

* The matching tracksuit as every-day wear 

J.Lo beat the suburban out of the coordinated tracksuit and made it positively chic daywear. Here she wears white sweatpants with a well-tailored hoodie (from her own fashion line) to her 32nd birthday party this past July. The ever-fashion-forward Madonna is now photographed constantly emerging from town cars in Adidas ensembles. 

* The sheer black lace minidress 

At the premiere of her movie Angel Eyes in May 2001, Lopez wore a see-through Dolce & Gabbana black lace dress with a purple camisole underneath. Five months later, Britney Spears wore the exact same dress ("it was a different lace," said a D&G rep) with only a bra and boy pants underneath to the MTV Video Music Awards. 

* Thin glittery scarves that hang past the shorts 

After she wore a gold, thin scarf to the Vogue/VH1 Fashion Awards in 2000, street vendors across Manhattan stocked up on the knock-offs. Latina sensation and perennial FHM favorite Paulina Rubio slung one on this August (note the fringe dipping past the skirt and the similar neckline). 

* The jaunty newsboy cap 

Lopez goes demure at a press conference for her J-Lo model search this April, zipping her sweater way up and drawing attention to her face with a pink leather newsboy cap. In May 2002, Cameron Diaz hit Cannes in a high-necked sweater paired with a casually slouchy cap. 

* The bra/miniskirt combination 

At the 1999 Billboard Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez (yes, that was her name back then) wore a shimmery gold bra and super-mini skirt during her performance of Waiting For Tonight. Last June in Milan, Italy, it was evident that Kylie Minogue went through old fashion magazine when she conjured up this metallic costume. 

* The white mini-tank with white low-rider pants (dubious boyfriend not included) 

J-Lo stood apart from the overly-styled starlets when she wore a Sean John tube top and low-slung hip-huggers at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards. Anna Kournikova ripped off the entire look (sans belt and bandanna), when she rolled up on the red carpet at this year's VMAs. 

* Shredded pants/tiny top/big hair 

At a live concert in Puerto Rico in September2001, J-Lo wore lace-up leather pants that exposed her upper thighs; Shakira worked the same look at this year's VMA's, but added her own personal twist by going barefoot.

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