Topics and Guests for October 11

Tonight... Get on the record with Greta! We'll be live, for the entire hour, from Police Headquarters in Rockville, Maryland. 

Law enforcement authorities from the entire Washington, D.C. area are furiously searching for the person suspected killing yet another innocent victim, this time at a gas station in Virginia.

The person whom many are now calling the Beltway sniper has killed seven people and wounded two others since October 2.

We'll have full coverage of this terrible and baffling case for you this evening.

Our own top-notch investigative reporter Geraldo Rivera will join us this evening.

And we'll also convene a roundtable of three distinguished experts who can give us the big picture in this case:

• Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, who is also the author of Dead Reckoning
• John Jay College of Criminal Justice forensic scientist Larry Kobilinsky
•  Forensic pathologist and author of Dead Reckoning, Dr. Michael Baden 
•  Forensic handwriting specialist Cina Wong,
•  Ballistics expert John Cayton

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Note: Topics and guests subject to change.