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Topics and Guests for October 10:

Killing spree -- how can parents protect Maryland school kids?
Dr. Nancy Grasmick, Maryland schools superintendent

Police across the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area were scrambling Thursday morning to determine whether the suburban sniper had struck again. A man was shot dead Wednesday night at a gas station near Manassas, Va., about 30 miles west of the District. Virginia State Police said two men were seen driving away in a white minivan after the shooting.
Gary Aldrich, former FBI agent

The House is scheduled to vote on an Iraq resolution today.
Rep. Martin Frost, (D-TX)

The Senate experienced two unusual events Thursday relating to the debate on a resolution authorizing action against Iraq: for one, senators showed up. Two, the lead guardian of the Senate's rules asked that they be broken.
Rep. Tom Delay, (R-TX)

Iraq is being compared to the Gulf War how can we bring together a stronger military campaign against Saddam?
Retired Col. John Warden II, chief architect behind the war plan

Daniel Pearl's day. In honor of what would be his 39th birthday, the Daniel Pearl Foundation is presenting 'The Daniel Pearl Music Day', today.
Michelle Pearl, Daniel Pearl's sister

Maryland manhunt: What the bullets say?
Danny Coulson, former FBI deputy assistant director

An Ohio state serial rapist on the loose. What is being done to catch the attacker?
Sgt. Earl Smith, Columbus police department

Award-winning stage and screen actor Joel Grey will appear at bay street theatre in Sag Harbor for a special benefit evening on Saturday, October 12, 2002
Joel Grey, actor

The Maryland killing spree
Lou Bertram, former FBI agent who worked on unabomber task force

Does it pay to get a divorce?
Hear some outrageous facts about divorce among America's richest.
Davide Dukcevich, staff writer at

Maryland shooting spree. A wealthy California business man donates more than $50,000 to catch the killer on the loose.
Tim Blixseth, California businessman

O.J. Simpson's children coping with life after death
Manny Navarro, sports writer for The Miami Herald
Dr. Robert Butterworth, LA clinical psychologist specializing in trauma

You decide 2002: New Hampshire Senate race
Tom Rath, Republican strategist

Investigating the Montgomery County killing spree
Ron Williams, former secret service agent

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change