Topics and Guests for October 9

Tonight... Get on the record with Greta! 

The Senate continues to work on approval of a resolution that would grant President Bush the war authority to use against Saddam Hussein and Iraq. We'll talk with two senators who are deeply involved in the debate: Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Senator Wayne Allard (R-CO).

Plus, could the Iraqi dictator eventually be using a body double to evade American troops? It's not nearly as far-fetched as it sounds. We'll tell you about it this evening.

Then, the manhunt continues in the Washington, D.C. suburbs for the sniper who is responsible for the murders of six people and the wounding of another in less than a week. Now, a note reading "Dear policeman, I am God" has been found on a Tarot card near the shell casing at scene of latest sniper attack in that area. We'll have the latest on this terrible and baffling case including live reports.

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Note: Topics and guests subject to change.