Osbournes II Debut Up to Sharon's Docs

MTV is keeping January open for the debut of the new season of The Osbournes -- just in case Sharon Osbourne's battle with cancer knocks the show's planned return next month off track.

Officially, the second season of the wildly popular reality show is set to debut sometime in late November. 

But MTV execs are keeping the network's options open and could, depending on Sharon's recovery, postpone the debut until first-quarter next year, according to sources there. 

"Nothing is set in stone," an MTV spokesman said yesterday. 

Sharon, the family matriarch (and Osbournes executive producer), has been fighting colon cancer since she was diagnosed last summer and is recovering well, said rep Lisa Vega. 

Pushing back the start of the second season would be a blow to the show, which has been gearing up a promotional push. 

For instance, Barbara Walters has scheduled a 20/20 prime-time interview with Sharon for Nov. 8. 

"As it stands, everything is scheduled to move forward and for the show to premiere in late November," Vega said. 

Despite the effects of chemotherapy, filming on The Osbournes has been underway since July. 

The family's oldest daughter, Aimee , refused to take part in the show last season, but might appear this year. 

Also featured this season will be a new "character," Robert Marcato, who was "adopted" by the Osbournes after his mom died. He's moved into the family's Beverly Hills mansion, with Ozzy and Sharon paying for his college education.

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