Topics and Guests for October 4

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Topics and Guests for October 4:

Authorities continued their search Friday morning for the "skilled shooter" who gunned down five random strangers in suburban Montgomery Co., Md., Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.
Chief Charles Moose,
Montgomery County police chief
Clint Van Zandt, former FBI profiler

Martha Stewart, the embattled home decorating expert at the center of an insider-trading probe, has resigned from the board of the New York Stock Exchange just four months after taking the post, the exchange said Thursday. Is Martha going down?
Jackson Bain, crisis communications, bain and associates
Dagen Mcdowell, Fox News business analyst

John Walker Lindh and other Al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners told U.S. interrogators the Sept. 11 hijackings were supposed to be the first of three increasingly severe attacks against Americans. Their claims have not been corroborated, government officials said.
Bill Sullivan, former federal prosecutor

The United Nations' chief weapons inspector is expected to meet Bush administration officials Friday, one day after a key House panel brought President Bush one step closer to getting authorization to use military force, if needed, against Iraq.
David Aaron, former deputy national security advisor, Carter administration
Stephen Solarz, former congressman from New York

National Geographic channel premieres Surviving West Point
David Veney and Ingrid Zegada-Frias, West Point cadets featured in Surviving West Point

This week in media
Eric Burns, host of Fox Newswatch

You Decide 2002: What will have a greater impact on voters as they prepare to vote in November: Homeland Security issues or domestic concerns?
Bill Cullo, Republican pollster
Michael Bloomfield, democratic pollster

Pageant protest: Former Miss USA wants location changed for the Miss World Pageant
Gloria Allred, attorney
Brandi Sherwood, former miss usa (1997)

Target Iraq: Is it an easy fight? Will this war in Iraq be as swift and easy as the Gulf War?
Retired Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC

Walker sentencing
Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney
David Schertler, former federal prosecutor

Target Iraq: World reaction to the U.S. stance against Iraq. Why are some calling the U.S. actions bully like?
David Malone, former Canadian ambassador to the United Nations
Amb. Richard Fairbanks, President Reagan's chief middle east envoy

Election 2002 You Decide: The NJ senate
Peter Johnson, Fox News legal analyst
Julian Epstein, former house judiciary committee minority chief counsel

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change